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Tip Sheets for Supervisory Education and New Supervisor Training for First Time Supervisors

Posted by Daniel Feerst on

Supervisors are the tip of the spear when it comes to workforce management -- increasing productivity, managing conflicts, judging productivity, inspiring, praising, building teams, and intervening with conflict. Few supervisors are formally trained. Most learn from doing or from coaching by others. This makes training practical methods of communication and managing others imperative and quite needed.

You can find training on one-day Saturday workshops. But these fast moving seven hour programs aren't as helpful as most people think. I have been to a few. You get an excellent speaker usually, but they plow through the material fast.

The certificate of completion is what most people are their to get. Grab and go. Not much is learned. If you get a three-ring binder, you are supposed to read it on your own time in the future. but who does?

New supervisors, especially, need fast reading, practical, and actionable
New supervisor training and supervisors skills for first-time supervisors
information. Do's and don'ts, what to say, how to say it, and the ability to hear and read it all over again--on the fly--after it has been forgotten, but before it is needed is a critically important feature these days. Ever hear of such a thing? I have.

What kind of program can offer information, education, and practical tips like these, along with a quick click-of-a-button return to brush upon the content? We've only found one, this program called "Oh, So Easy! 14 Vitals Skills for Supervisors."

DVDs, Videos,  Web Course, PowerPoint -- professionally narrated or not -- the product comes in all of these formats to you can reach your leadership and supervisor audience easily, and make sure none of them get away. That is the trick you know -- reaching everyone with the content that will protect the organization, save lives, and help employees be health, happy, and productive. 

But what training programs come with all of these formats at no additional charge. Which one's are authored by experienced employee assistance professionals, and includes handouts, role plays, test questions -- the works? Only this one.  Preview it now at WorkExcel.com. It comes with the following handouts with additional charge:

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