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Dan Feerst HandoutsPlus.com, begun in 2015, was updated to the Web site you see now in 2019. It is owned and operated by DFA Publishing and Consulting, LLC which was started by Daniel A. Feerst, BSW, MSW, LISW-CP in 1994.

Dan Feerst owns DFA Publishing and Consulting, LLC also owns WorkExcel.com and WorkplaceNewsletters.com. We are in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (formerly from the D.C. area.)

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In 2002, we originally authored 15 tip sheets on popular counseling and workforce management topics, but did something never done before: We allowed purchasers to edit the tip sheet content or reproduce the tips sheets as written for distribution to employees, supervisors, or other constituencies.

We do not allow any tip sheet to be resold, of course, or allow tip sheets to be posted on a customer's freely accessible web page without a password or some other protection. (Obviously.) But after the first 15 tip sheets in "Group 1" we just kept going.

Our goal is 2,500 topics, so keep checking back and sign up so you get updates.

For now, do this at the bottom of the site. Our content is only authored, edited, and/or approved by licensed mental health professionals with "in the trenches experience." 

You will notice this difference in everything we write, by seeing how text delves deeper into subject matter in practical ways that benefits readers. We believe our experience melds with our writing to give employees and supervisors more than the typical wellness content produced by researcher-freelancers hired by managed care companies and other content producers without experience in their subject fields.

Our business model for all products on all Web sites offers mental health, workforce management, and workplace wellness/productivity resources with "delve deeper," practical, and actionable content, authored by licensed professionals while giving total flexibility of editing material given to the purchaser. Thanks, Dan Feerst.

You can flip pages with your mouse or print our entire catalog here. We add pages periodically, so you won't see every tip sheet. To do that go to: See All Tip Sheets.

Writing tip sheets and distributing free tip sheets became an overwhelming success, and led us to start this Web site. You will see many tip sheets grouped by subject and also by history of how we produced them in groups. Each tip sheet is sold separately, as well. So, mix and match.

Professionals need flexibility and they must be able to edit content, put their program name and phone number on tip sheets, or even amend what we've written. We therefore created this level of flexibility.

Each tip sheet purchased has three formats. pdf, MS Word (with images); and MS Publisher (with images). Purchasers create their own PDFs if they make changes, but the editable formats may not be redistributed, even to employees or customers. This is strictly prohibited. Only use the PDF or a printed copy. There are no limits to copies you can make for your purposes.

About Dan Feerst, Publisher

Dan Feerst is the most widely read author on employee assistance program (EAP) content for supervisors. He has authored over 3,900 EAP and related wellness articles for FrontLine Supervisor and FrontLine Employee. Monthly readership of FrontLine Newsletters totals over three million employees.

FrontLine Supervisor has published continuously since 1993. FrontLine Employee has published continuously since 2001. You can find these publications on our other Web site WorkplaceNewsletters.com.

You can find 220 other workforce management, HR, and EAP resources and products at WorkExcel.com