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We offer professionally authored handouts and tip sheets on workplace wellness topics and supervisor skills, reducing risk, improving employees assistance program functioning, and helping employees be healthy, happy, and productive.

All tip sheets at HandoutsPlus.com are sold with three formats, two of which are editable, MS Publisher, MS Word with Graphics, and a PDF.

Some tip sheets have corresponding audio visual products you may purchase. The products include the tip sheet module (so don't purchase both.)

This symbol (above) will indicate to you that a corresponding audio visual product exists and link to it will be included in the description. This means a PowerPoint, MP4 Video, Web Course, and DVD/Disc for a DVD Player (mailed to you) is available. If you purchase these formats, including the Web course, they are yours to keep. There are no licensing fees, renewal fees.

Minor restrictions are described below that include not reselling tip sheets or displaying tip sheets or other products on unprotected web pages visible to anyone on the World Wide Web. (Sort of obvious, but we had to mention it.)

Web courses are fully self-contained and will upload to any Web site. You own them completely. You do not link to our server in order to operate them. This is especially cool. We can also brand and customize them anyway you wish. Contact us for more information.

Fact sheets are written and produced by licensed mental health professionals, workforce management experts, and employee assistance professionals. Each is written to HandoutsPlus.com standards for simplicity, accuracy, and insight with actionable and effective content that delves a deeper to give the reader more value. Our tip sheets average 600 words, while other tip sheets found on the internet usually have only 300 words or less.

All tip sheets are downloadable links except for the Master Library Product that includes all tip sheets.

Contact us if you need a download link reactivated. Generally, we only permit one download to prevent unauthorized use.

When tip sheets are displayed on a Web site, you agree to not post them openly in a way that would allow anyone on the Internet to access them.

We recommend a password or at least a Web page that is non-indexed so search engines don't show the page where you have displayed tip sheets. Your webmaster or technology staff can assist you. The steps are easy.

 All tip sheets are amendable, editable, and brand-able with your logo/program name. Feel free to use them in this regard. Send or copy and distribute tip sheets to employees, patients, clients, students, family members, community groups, or other individuals who you service or with whom you directly work. 

The copyright mark must remain on tip sheets. If you wish, you can change the existing default that we use ("© HandoutsPlus.com") to this alternate "©DFA Publishing LLC" you may do so. This can be less distracting to your readers.

Free tip sheets we offer may be displayed your web site without password protection and on any unprotected page. If you do so, we request a live link to [ http://handoutsplus.com ] somewhere on your web site--anywhere at all--that the tip sheet is "Courtesy of Handoutsplus.com.” This is not mandatory, but please consider it because it creates "power" on the Internet, and it keeps us stay visible and easily found. This will enable us to produce more free content for you! This live link to HandoutsPlus.com can be small and placed anywhere you wish as long as it is visible to search engines. Talk to the IT folks or your Webmaster.

Purchased tips sheet are for the purchaser’s internal use for distribution to employees and/or family members. Tip sheets may likewise be used by providers of EAP services and given to their corporate customers in the PDF format.

Do not redistribute the editable tip sheet in MS Publisher or MS Word! Redistribution of any editable format of the tip sheet is strictly prohibited. If needed, make edits and create a PDF. Then use this PDF. Do not redistribute editable document formats.

Using tip sheets means you accept the following statement: Information in tip sheets is provided with the understanding that the author and the publisher are not engaged in rendering legal or other professional services, especially with regard to a specific person, problem, health, or wellness concern, circumstance, or topic. Information is for general informational purposes.

All content is authored and approved by license professionals, however DFA Publishing and Consulting, LLC, HandoutsPlus.com, and its affiliates, authors and Web sites disclaim any liability, loss, or risk incurred consequences, directly or indirectly, from the use or application of any of the contents from its workplace wellness tip sheets. Tip sheet information is not a substitute for competent legal, EAP, or other professional advice. You should approve content of tip sheets before distribution to your employees, customers, or other persons. If you are a wellness professional, feel free to add you own input, edits, and amendments.

Content of tip sheets, whether free from HandoutsPlus.com or purchased products may not be resold

Rarely, but occasionally, a font used to create a reproducible tip sheet may not be on your computer. Your computer will substitute another font. Feel free to use any font you wish to fit you needs. Check also to make sure text boxes to do not move with your software or hide text. Slight adjustments may be needed, especially on the MS Word Graphics file formats. This is normal and a natural result of variations in software programs.