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E104 News Overload! Media Mash and Mental Health

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Sneak Peek
There’s an old saying in media circles that “if it bleeds, it leads.” The translation: bad news sells. Unfortunately, bad news increases stress, so the more we reduce its impact on our mental health, the better. Although most people prefer good news, bad news demands attention because knowing what to fear or avoid is more important to survival. We are “hard wired” to pay attention to it.

We have little control over the amount and timing of bad news — and its cousin, “fear,” news. Fear news (news that we should worry about—economics, social concerns, climate change, foreign relations) is stressful too, and can influence behavior, possibly causing you to act in ways that you might not originally considered . . . 

When To Use
News can drive you nuts; why news is mostly bad; how to respond to it and avoid it; how to manage your mood in response to news; how to make a difference in the quality of news.

How to Use
Waiting areas; brown baggers.

Features: Downloadable; editable, reproducible, web-usable with password; amendable; "brand-able" with your logo/program information, if desired; Comes with PDF, MS Word with Graphics; MS Publisher with Graphics.

Note: (Each tip sheet includes PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher files)