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E096 Performance Management Tips

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Sneak Peek
Outstanding companies are marked not only by the quality of their employees, but also by the ability of management to systematically maximize their potential. Without effective performance management, employees are denied an opportunity to participate in a proven, critical process that improves job satisfaction and performance, while managers are denied the fundamental analysis necessary for identifying and fixing areas of underperformance.

Effective performance management raises morale, provides the basis for a fair compensation system, helps managers to promote effectively, and improves employee morale and retention. Without it, no company can succeed. Before launching a new system of performance evaluation, employees must be assured that you are working toward mutually beneficial goals . . . 

When To Use
Power of effective performance management; understanding and trusting the process; employee input; developing a process; feedback; removing barriers to acceptable performance; effective steps of a review.

How to Use
Coaching supervisors, individual or group.s.

Features: Downloadable; editable, reproducible, web-usable with password; amendable; "brand-able" with your logo/program information, if desired; Comes with PDF, MS Word with Graphics; MS Publisher with Graphics.

Note: (Each tip sheet includes PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher files)