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E068 Regaining the Ability to Trust

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Sneak Peek
Are you unwilling to share your feelings with others? Do you feel as though friendships and other relationships only lead to disappointment and hurt? Did something happen that has made you unable to trust others?

Emotional and physical abuse, personal betrayal, ongoing belittlement and victimization, or the loss of a loved one are events that may lead to loss of trust in others. Distrust is often a method of self-preservation, but when it begins to close you off from the world, it becomes a hindrance to your well-being. Regaining your trust in others takes time and patience. . . . 

When To Use
Trusting others is an anchor for positive mental health, but our past can damage our willingness to be vulnerable. Here’s how to start the ball rolling toward more reciprocal and effective relationships.

How to Use
Client sessions.

Features: Downloadable; editable, reproducible, web-usable with password; amendable; "brand-able" with your logo/program information, if desired; Comes with PDF, MS Word with Graphics; MS Publisher with Graphics.

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