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E035 Facing a Bully at Work

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Sneak Peek
Bullying – When one worker physically or psychologically intimidates another for purposes of getting his or her way; is a form of abuse. If it happens to you, you should know what to do about it.

While we think of bullies as physically intimidating, that may not be the case at work. Someone with power – supervisory responsibility, team leadership, tenure, or an aggressive personality– who exerts that power in an abusive manner to influence your behavior is bullying. Bullying can be peer to peer for no reason other than the need for attention, or as a response to jealousy, deep-seated resentment or a person’s emotional issues. Bullying can be associated with sexual, racial, age, or other forms of discrimination . . . 

When To Use
What is a bully? Why they do it? What should the victim do? About getting proactive to help employees and to help employers who may face legal claims if bullying doesn’t stop.

How to Use
Counseling sessions, health fairs, waiting rooms.

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