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E034 Could Group Therapy Be for You?

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Sneak Peek
If you are struggling with a personal crisis, addiction, or mental health issue in which you feel misunderstood, unable to communicate, or totally alone, then group therapy may be an effective treatment option for you.

Group therapy is a therapeutic technique that employs small group interaction as a means to changing undesirable mental and behavioral patterns. Group therapy comes in two forms: group psychotherapy and peer group therapy.Group psychotherapy is a psychological counseling technique in which a small group of patients are treated through guided interaction by one or more counselors. Sessions are ongoing and scheduled, and group members are expected to be honest and open in their communication with one another, which is generally done through talking around a theme determined by the counselor . . . 

When To Use
Many clients resist the idea of group therapy, despite its power and effectiveness. It’s also cheaper, than individual therapy. Tackles myths and motivates clients to say, “Yes, I will give group therapy a try.”

How to Use
Counseling, waiting areas

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