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E016 What to Do about a Negative Performance Review

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Sneak Peek
Your annual review is your time to shine, even when some of the feedback is negative! The review process offers you the opportunity to look back at your accomplishments and set goals for the year to come. But how do you handle a review that takes a turn for the worse? How can you save the situation when you’re ready to crawl—or storm—out of that office because you and your manager don’t see eye to eye about your contributions to the company over the past year?

If you don’t agree with what’s been pointed out in your review, ask for clarification. “You’ve said that I don’t always use good judgment. Could you give me an example? I’d really like to learn from this.” Turn the review into an opportunity for improvement . . . 

When To Use
Helps clients focus on the positive of a bad review, make changes, and get back to work energized and determined.

How to Use
Client sessions,health fairs, EAP waiting areas, assessments.

Features: Downloadable; editable, reproducible, web-usable with password; amendable; "brand-able" with your logo/program information, if desired; Comes with PDF, MS Word with Graphics; MS Publisher with Graphics.

Note: (Each tip sheet includes PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher files)