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E163-Worry Less About Child Day Care (FREE! For a limited time)

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Parents often struggle with putting their children in day care. Leaving an infant in the care of another person for the first time can be agonizing because parents worry that care workers won’t take care of their child properly. These few simple steps will help you stop worrying about day care. 1)  Arrive early or stay late. In the rush to get to and from work, sometimes parents literally dash away after dropping off their children at day care, dash away. You can learn a lot about your child’s caregivers if you arrive a little early or stay a little later when dropping off and picking up your child. Observe the interactions between the teachers, parents, and children.

When to Use
Help clients and employees take action, and be proactive to reduce risk, ease worrying, and feel more capable of focusing on work rather than being distracted by child care worries.

How to Use
Distribute in office, add to lobby and waiting areas


Note: (Each tip sheet includes PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher files)