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E064 Managing Stress by Eating Right

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Sneak Peek
You can’t just zone out or go meditate every time work makes you want to pull your hair out. But what if you could combat the stress and irate customers or clients just by eating lunch? 
It’s a fact – certain foods decrease stress. 

Ever reach for a candy bar after a rough day and immediately feel better? Well, there’s a reason for that. High-sugar, high-carbohydrate comfort foods temporarily reduce stress by triggering chemical reactions that improve your mood, but it comes at a price – a resulting spike in blood sugar followed by an inevitable crash that leaves you exhausted and cranky. And then there are the extra calories, of course . . . 
When To Use
Certain foods decrease stress because of the stress reducing vitamins and minerals they contain. Other foods contribute to stress--good to avoid if your trying to reduce stress.
How to Use
Health fairs, counseling sessions, workshops.
Features: Downloadable; editable, reproducible, web-usable with password; amendable; "brand-able" with your logo/program information, if desired; Comes with PDF, MS Word with Graphics; MS Publisher with Graphics.

Note: (Each tip sheet includes PDF, MS Word, and MS Publisher files)