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E044 "Functional Alcoholism" Isn't

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Sneak Peek
Labeling someone a functional alcoholic is a strong and reinforcing enabling behavior. It is used to describe someone the enabler believes to be alcoholic, but also seems to “function” acceptably in their occupational or social activities. Usually these are areas where the enabler knows the alcoholic best.

There is no such thing as functional alcoholism, just as there is no such thing as functional cancer. Both are chronic potentially fatal illnesses that grow worse over time. The term functional alcoholism allows the enabler to continue the advantages of the relationship they have with the alcoholic, even while their role as an enabler grows worse. The defense is called “minimizing” . . . 

When To Use
His (her) drinking doesn’t affect me-- he’s a “functional alcoholic”! All about the world’s most enabling phrase. What it means and how this misnomer takes its toll on everyone, including the addict.

How to Use
Presentations, A/D education.

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