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Health and Wellness Tips at Your Fingertips!

We are the world's best resource for health and wellness tips in the form of handouts and reproducible tip sheets you can use over and over to improve workplace productivity, boost the effectiveness of your presentations, help counseling clients, students, patients, or health and wellness customers. takes your occupational health program, mental health program, or educational service to the next level with precisely the correct resource.

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Each tip sheet is $17 and comes in three formats. They're editable, reproducible, and e-mailable to those you serve.

Purchase from a growing list of topics on personal and workplace productivity, individual and family wellness, mental health, employee assistance programs, supervisory skills, and many more.

Purchase all tips sheets and save over hundreds of dollars!

Each tip sheet is downloadable (we have prepackaged as .zip files). Each comes in three formats--MS Word with graphics, MS Publisher, and a PDF.

Purchase individually, purchase in groups that we continue to produce over time. (We recently completed Group #9.), Or, purchase everything on the site and get a monster discount of over $600.

You'll instantly have a complete wellness library like never before. Note: When all tip sheets are purchased, we send hard copies in a premium 3-ring binder with handy index, but you will also be able to download them.

Why Health and Wellness Tips from

It’s a common problem—you want to give your client, employee, patient, customer, or presentation attendee a tip sheet, handout, or takeaway, but you don't have one. Well, now you do. But you can still add your own expertise if you choose. Also add your logo, program name, and phone number. It's totally up to you.

A health fair is're busy, and you desperately want great handouts to distribute that focus on crucial information, but you don't have the time to produce them. You can't rush around on the Internet. So, what do you to. Turn to

You must increase the visibility of your HR department, EAP, mental health practice, social services unit, military services and/or family counseling program, wellness service, or occupational health program. gives you a continual stream of choices. Tip sheets from are the perfect solution.

We're growing our topics and titles, so check back often or join our list to stay in touch with what's new.

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Expert Help Means the Right Message for Employees

Our tip sheets are researched and written by professional authors and skilled writers who know how to keep readers engaged, but every word is read and approved by licensed mental health professionals, experienced employee assistance experts, or workforce management consultants. The best part is that all content is editable by you. You are welcome to put your name, phone number, or program information on tip sheets. We only ask that our copyright remain.

Important Disclaimer

We do not claim to produce materials distributed on this website as advice and consultation for any particular person or specific situation. Everyone’s issues or concerns are different. So, you or your employees or clients should seek help from a qualified professional familiar with their unique circumstances. Tip sheets should not be construed as professional advice for any specific person, company, or work group. So we are not acting and do not present ourselves as a health care advisory or medical service.

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Purchase tip sheets now and download immediately. They are ready to use instantly but editable for your additional content, especially if you are a workforce professional, mental health professional, or employee assistance expert who wishes to add your own ideas, content, or enhancements.

Limitations and Terms

You may not post tip sheets on a website that is accessible via the World Wide Web or Internet without a login and password. If you do not have a password/login, instruct your web technology specialist to direct search engines (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) not to index the page. (This is a simple step for any techy.) This will prevent that page from showing up in keyword searches that would allow an unauthorized person to access and print your tip sheet product.

Managed Care and Insurance Organizations

National Managed care organizations and insurance companies are welcome to purchase products from by special arrangement and terms. Please phone 1-800-626-4327 to learn more.


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